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Reach out to your 5 star rated home improvement location today. With turnkey installation and affordable options you can have a bathroom remodel of various options and various patio covers installed today. We have been in business for over two decades and look forward to helping you with the design of your dreams!

What Are The Benefits of An Alumawood Patio Cover?

  • Alumawood is one of the trendiest looks around with a long life span composed of wood and aluminum components. 
  • The structures that shade have wood emboss and are baked with enamel paint. This allows for longevity against nature’s elements.
  • The Alumawood structure comes with Teflon coating to protect the outer structure from dirt, dust, debris and various outside elements.
  • These patio require very little to no maintenance. 
  • Wood will rot and the structure will become compromised over time. Alumawood structures will not peel or crack over time. 
  • Termites are unable to eat through alumawood and the structure is fire resistant.
  • Your home value will increase.
  • The patios are built with 3″x8″ thick header beams made of aluminum for durability. 

Is an Alumawood structure right for you? If you are interested please feel free to give us a call today or email us with your questions or inquiries.

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